Best Call Center


•    Over 251 seat
•    Under 200 seat
The Best Call Center evaluation will be made using the 7 main criteria stated below. In the evaluation of these 7 main criteria, the approach delivered for each and the way through which this approach is implemented shall be taken into consideration:

1.    Strategy
–    Defined, clear and documented strategy, vision and values
–    Harmony with the company objectives
–    Adoption by all employees as understood and target

2.    Processes
–    Defined and clearly documented Call Center processes
–    Management of process changes and innovations, decision mechanisms and their integration
–    Ownership of the process and participation of the employees to the change
–    Declaration and implementation of the process changes
–    Process controls

3.    Human Resources and Development
–    Management and Documentation of the HR Processes
–     Selection and Appointment
–    Training and Development
–    Retention ratios and management
–    Performance evaluation and promotional processes
–    Employee Rights

4.    Planning
–    Management of forecasting processes
–    Determination of the needs of employees and shift planning
–    Call forwarding and efficiency management
–    Real time Management

5.    Technology
–    Use of technology
–    Determination and management of technological needs

6.    Performance Results
–    Quality management
–    Accessibility monitoring and action plans
–    Efficiency management
–    Planning, monitoring and management processes of the financial results

7.    Innovation
–     Innovative and creative solutions within company

Approaches related to all the above topics should be supported by evidences that are presented. The basic evaluation is performed according to topic-related evidences that are presented.
The winner of this category must have worked in a particularly innovative and unique way, or must have introduced extraordinary results.
The entrant should be a local or multinational call center and also a real center with the number of seats being equal to that stated above.

NOTE: The Judging Committee has the right not to give award in this category in the event that there is no candidate meeting the above criteria.