Best Customer Experience

In this category, ‘Customer’ is defined as the final users who benefit directly from call center services.

The judges are looking for evidences of an effective and satisfying customer experience which is being delivered consistently and which has a concrete effect on customer retention and loyalty.

To be worthy of this award, the judges will expect to see creativity regarding the concept and execution, comprehensive understanding the role that the contact center plays in developing effective customer relationship, and besides a consistent and general commitment to the program and the role of the contact center.
To ensure an ongoing success, there should be evidences of consistent and clearunderstanding of the processes and strategic benefits at all levels within the organization with the appropriate investments, resources and systems.

1.    Definition
–    Definition of the “Best customer experience” within the company
–    Determined methodology for the targeted experience
–    Innovative and creative structure of the targeted experience

2.    Measurement
–    Measurement methodology and monitoring
–    Evaluation and monitoring of the measurement results
–    Actions taken regarding the measurement results and examples of these
–    Integration of the measurement results with the work flow and training
–    Examples of customer experience that made positive contribution to the customer loyalty
–    The contribution of the customer experience to the company targets

3.    Operation
–    Conformity of the best customer experience with the company targets
–    Defined business processes for sustainable customer satisfaction and monitoring of this
–    Technological and infrastructure sufficiency
–    Business processes that are easily understood and performed by the customer
–    In house R&D studies and contribution of these to the application

4.    Performance
–    Business results concerning the customer experience targets
–    Exemplary customer calls (3 calls)
–    Action plans and curative precautions during the crisis situations
–    Real time Management
–    Quality management

5.    Accessibility
–    Customer accessibility targets and ratios
–    Accessibility monitoring and action plans
–    Service Level targets and results
–    IVR structure
–    Quality management
–    Efficiency management
–    Planning, monitoring and management processes of the financial results

6.    Sustainability
–    Plans regarding the sustainability and future of the customer experience

NOTE: The Judging Committee has the right not to give award in this category in the event that there is no candidate meeting the above criteria.