Best Sales or Telemarketing Campaign

The Judgment Committee expects the participants to success of a sales and/or outbound call campaign realized within the specified period in achieving the determined targets, detailed definition of efficiency of the ROI within the scope of investment, and support their successes with proofs.

The said campaign can be an outbound call / forming a clue on phone / tele sales activity, as well as a sales activity that took place with inbound calls. The project should be a single project planned and realized within the specified period, in order it to be evaluated by the Judgment Committee. The general telemarketing/tele sales success of the call center shall be excluded from the evaluation.

In granting the said award, the judging committee will quest if the candidates comply with the following criteria, and look for the related evidences for evaluation:

1.  Identification of campaign and objectives.
•    The campaign and the objectives should be clearly defined and identified.
•    CC success criteria parallel to campaign objectives
•    Project’s integrity with the objectives of the institution

2.  Process and progress
•    Clearly documented processes and sales techniques.
•    The methodology of script management.
•    The system applied for creating and developing sales skills.
•    Sales performance management. System and interpretation techniques should be explained. Explaining a systematic process.
•    Change management; decision mechanisms of changes in the course of campaign, actualization and management
•    Crisis management

3.  Technology
•    Technology details are used for performance management.
•    Sales automation systems to increase the sales
•    Cost decreasing management systems
•    Applications for telesales

4.  Performance results
•    Evaluation of sales results; measuring and realization rate of objectives
•    Accessibility; Background studies for performance saving
•    Income- Expense; Cost tracking system.
•    Quality and institutional image management; Sales qualities, fraud rate tracking. Quality sales evaluations and quality management system.

5.  Returnof the investment
–    Are there any ROI objectives determined for each project?
–    The harmony of the measurement and objective.

7.    Innovative/ Applications that make a difference
•    The value added,with innovative design,to internal customer or foreign customer should be provable.

NOTE: The Judging Committee has the right not to give award in this category in the event that there is no candidate meeting the above criteria.