Best Use of Technology


In presenting the said award, the judging committee will review if the candidates meet the following criteria, looking for respective evidences for evaluation;

1.    Definition
–    A detailed definition of the used technological solution or installation is required.
–    The evaluation will be made over the total technology use of the call center.Applicants should not apply with technology use in a single area (e.g. home agent practice).
–    The characteristic, creative/superior aspects and if any the singularity of the related organization should be emphasized.
–     All the technologies described, used during the evaluation period and according to the organization’s business objectives should be part of the solution.


2.    The Conformity with the Business Objectives
–    Is the technological solution is in harmony with the business objectives and strategy of the Call Center.
–    Are the effects of the used technology on the expenses of the Call Center measured?
–    Is the selected technology suitable with the expectations and desires of the customers?

3.    Basic Call Center Technologies
–    Are the size and functions of the ACD chosen according to the needs?
–    Is Call Forwarding created according to the needs?
–    How is the IVR used? Is it user friendly?
–    What are the CTI and multimedia (web, chat, etc.) competencies?
–    Are the customer information screens easy to use and can they provide full customer information?
–    What kind of applications are there for database, CRM and Knowledge Management?
–    Does the web site offer similar functions in order to reduce the Call Center traffic?
–    How are the requests received via e-mail, chat and social media are met?
–    What are the outgoing call abilities?
–    Is voice recognition or a similar technology being used?
–    What are the transition abilities among up-sell, cross-sell and channels?
–    Voice and image record abilities.
–    WFM (Work Force Management) abilities.
–    Company specific application and solutions, if any.

4.    Management
–    End-to-end reporting abilities.
–    Queue Management abilities.
–    System continuity.
–    What are the load sharing and disaster case scenarios?
–    Technologies related to data and voice security.

5.    Future
–    Future plans in technology use.
–    Suitability of the present technologies with future needs.

NOTE: The Judging Committee has the right not to give award in this category in the event that there is no candidate meeting the above criteria.