The Best Call Center Agent

What we expect from you:plantronics

Entrants should prepare a presentation explaining the extent of their eligibility in meeting the below stated criteria. This presentation should be documented and sampled as possible. In addition, entrants should explain in writing anything out of these criteria they want to point out so as not to exceed one A4 page.

Evaluation shall be performed in two steps. In the first step, presentations submitted until the day determined by IMI shall be examined by the jury. Presentations not submitted until the deadline shall not be taken into account and the entrant shall be excluded from the evaluation.

In the second step, meeting and interviews of the judging committee with entrants take place. During this process, entrants may also be asked to analyze some “sample case” deemed necessary by the judging committee. Entrants may also be administered personality inventory, if, again, deemed necessary. In the event that the entrant is not present on the day determined by the judging committee, the entrant is then considered eliminated.

In addition, the judging committee may require making a final visit to entrants in their work place if again it considers necessary.
The Judging Committee makes its final decision after these steps.
Award Criteria:

•    Best Call Center Agent
In the best agent category, entrants are expected to set forth their business performances and personal features by a 10 minutes presentation/video through which their compliance with the above stated criteria can be observed. In addition, answers to questions asked are expected to be submitted in word format.
However, interviews shall be performed and evaluations shall be made for the purpose of assessing entrants’ predisposition to problem solving and ability of managing the perception of customer satisfaction through sample cases that is prepared. Judging Committee may also perform evaluations, if considered necessary, only through real interview examples.
Eligibility Criteria:
Evaluation of the personality traits of the entrant:
•    Highly communicative, predisposed to problem solving;
•    Attentive;
•    Open to innovation, change and development;
•    Can work cooperatively, has team awareness;
•    Able to manage conflict
•    Managing his/her business with the goal being “satisfied customers”;
•    Able to make difference with his/her performance within the team;
•    Has a high sense of mission, customer focused;
•    Has a vision
•    Has a high emotional self-control
•    Enjoys intensive working, strives continuously to improve him/herself;
•    Highly motivated , contribute positively to his/her environment

Evaluation of assessable criteria for entrant’s business performance:
•    Minds product information;
•    Business practice , sectoral knowledge;
•    Quality of interview;
•    Compliance with planning and shift system;
•    Not causing customer complaint and loss settlement;
•    Customer appreciation;
•    Ability to solve customer demand and problem in first cal; (?)
•    Directing customer problem to correct channel;
•    Quantitative performance.
Evaluation of entrant’s distinctive aspects:
•    Which of your traits do you think made you the best call center agent?
•    What are the achievements you gained last year?
•    How do you think you contribute to Call Center and its goals?
•    Would you please tell your success story that caused you to have made difference in the team of which you are a member?
•    Have you taken part in producing ideas and project within the scope of productivity and development of Call Center?
•    Would you please tell a sample case that gave rise to management appreciation?
•    What are your personal goals, career expectations, and what do you do for this?
•    What are your achievements except for your current task that may have been beneficial for you and your company?
Letter of reference;
•    Manager
•    Colleagues
*** Entrants are expected to have worked in the same position for at least 1 year.

NOTE: The Judging Committee has the right not to give award in this category in the event that there is no candidate meeting the above criteria.