The Best Call Center Team Leader

In the Best Call Center Team Leader category, entrants are expected to set forth their business performances and personal features by a 10 minutes presentation/video through which their compliance with the above stated criteria can be observed. Entrants may also submit the topics and examples they desired to emphasize in a word format not more than 2 pages.
Evaluation shall be performed in two steps. In the first step, presentations submitted until the day determined by IMI shall be judged by the jury. Presentations not submitted until the deadline shall not be considered.

In the second step, meeting and interviews of the judging committee with entrants take place. During this process, entrants may also be asked to analyze some “sample case” deemed necessary by the judging committee. Entrants may also be administered personality inventory, if, again, deemed necessary. In the event that the entrant is not present on the day determined by the judging committee, the entrant is then considered eliminated. In addition, the judging committee may require making a final visit to entrants in their work place if again it considers necessary.

The Judging Committee makes its final decision after these steps. The entrant may be nominated by him/herself, his/her friends or managers.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate for the team leader of the year should provide an excellent customer experience, should be a role model through his/her leadership to his/her employees, should be a driving force in improving his/her employees, and should carry his/her organization forward by putting the strategies he/she developed and his/her developmental suggestions into practice.

His/Her Personality and Work Performance

  • To be a person who enjoys his/her job, appreciate the importance of work he/she does, is conscious of his/her responsibility, and is proud of working in a Call Center;
  • To be a person respected by his/her juniors, peers and customers;
  • Have ability to control his/her temperament and patience; sharing;
  • Implementation of a Transforming, instead of traditional, management style;
  • To have minimum of 2 years of experience in the same organization or 3 different places at the maximum and be currently working at the time of award in the same organization as the one at the time of application;
  • His/her call center background;
  • Systems he/she established and developed, and works he/she performed with respect to customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction;
  • Evidences/examples proving his/her leadership/directing skills;
  • His/her distinctive aspects.

His/Her Achievements

  • His/her great achievements, their reflections on business output (increase in sales, increase in profit, motivation, operational improvement, innovation, increase in productivity, cost reduction,…), and how they contribute the development of the organization (e.g. management model, quality management, recruitment, training,…);
  • Contributions to the developmental process of his/her colleagues in call center;
  • His/her special projects, ideas he/she suggested and developed. Impacts of these projects/ideas and call center’s consequent benefits;
  • Assessable management success.

360 degree feedback
His/her customers’ appraisals about him/her;
His/her colleagues’ opinions about him/her;
Management’s opinions about him/her;
Names of managers, employees, customers and sector representatives from whom information about him/her could be obtained
Features with which he/she stands out and becomes distinct among call center team leaders

NOTE: The Judging Committee has the right not to give award in this category in the event that there is no candidate meeting the above criteria.