The Most Creative Call Center

In granting the said award, the judging committee will quest if the candidates comply with the following criteria, and look for the related evidences for evaluation:

1.   Application
–    Target and clear application purpose
–    Defined and documented scope
–    The creativity and  innovatory of the developed application compared to the Standard CC applications

2.   Results
–    The benefit of the application for the employees and customer
–    Conformity of the results with CC business targets
–    Contribution of the application to the CC sector
–    Monitoring and measurement of the application results
–    Conformity of the creative application with company targets

3.    Performance
–    The results of the application according to the defined targets
–    Financial contribution of the creative application (ROI calculations)

NOTE: The Judging Committee has the right not to give award in this category in the event that there is no candidate meeting the above criteria.