Best Motivation Practice

Evaluation will be done by looking at three main criteria on the evaluation of best motivation practice. Approach adopted for each of these three criteria and implementation of this approach will be considered.


  1. Strategy and Processes

Is there any motivational strategy that has been identified and made contact belonging to the company?

What are the motivational factors that shape practice? Are need analysis and expectation research done? Are the matters below that are about motivational activities clear? Are they documented?

  • Approach
  • Priorities
  • Aims of activities
  • Processes
  • Methodologies used

Are there conferred the responsibilities and authorized people/ team about motivational practices?

Is there an official budget allocated to motivational practices?

Is the design of motivational practices done by foreign firms or by firm itself?

Is there any defined decision, design or implementation period for motivational practices?

Does the team contribute to the phases of developing opinion and decision and their design about motivational practices? (top-down vs. bottom – up?)

Is there any difference with innovative and creative motivational activities?

Are motivational practices a part of the working culture?


  1. Implementation

Is there a defined route map to implement the strategy? Are activities in line with strategy?

Is there any monthly/ annually plan?

Are there traditional practices?

Are there surprise and dynamic practices?

What are the motivational activity groups? (Performance and business results-oriented activities, employee loyalty, generation y connection, adherence to schedule, training and development activities, activities for dynamism and energy)

Who are working with inside and outside for activities?

Can you give examples of motivational activities that are innovative and creating difference?

Are practices creative and dynamics?

Are activity-based goals and objectives identified?

What is the inclusion of practice? (Customer representative, team leader, manager and so on)

What is the level of participation within the organization?

Is there any bond between motivational practices and reward system?


  1. Performance results

How are employee engagement and motivation measured?

What are the measurement results?

Are there aims of manager team about employee engagement and motivation?

How is the impact of motivation over business results measured?

What are the measurement results?

How is the impact of activities measured? Any examples from results? Are results used for improving future activities?

Are the company’s employees and their benefits and costs measured in terms of the practice?