Best Trainer


Trainer of the year should be an example to the participants with his/her vision, posture and lifestyle as well as competence and effectiveness in training. S/he should encourage the participants’ development, should move forward the institution, be suitable to the present generation, create processes to improve innovative training approaches.

Selection Criteria;

  1. Awareness and personal development

Does s/he know the vision, strategy and priorities of the institution?

Does s/he apply this awareness in training design and practices?

Is s/he aware of his/ her strengths and weaknesses as a trainer?

Is there any hint about the fact that s/he uses the strengths and improves the weaknesses?

Does s/he improve both technically and personally?

  1. Training design

Does s/he make training need analysis and apply it?

Does s/he follow innovations and developments related to the Call Center industry and institutions located?

Does s/he offer a lasting and enjoyable training program design?

  1. Training approach, communication

Does s/he contribute to the corporate culture of all participants and the development of a sense of belonging? Is the definition of customer and customer representative identification done in a right way?

Is s/he an example to the participants?

Does s/he work in a planned and organized way and can s/he use time effectively?

Can s/he use the body language and intonation in a right way and make communication with the participants?

Does s/he have a positive impact on the participants by using correct scene?

Can s/he manage communication by acting objectively correct approach to different personalities?

Does s/he provide active listening by including participants?

Can s/he control stress of herself/himself and participants?

Can s/he motivate participants by making personal motivation high?

Does s/he have any difference from other trainers in terms of training method and approach?

Does s/he give feedback by analyzing effectively participants’ training performance?

Does s/he follow developments of customer representatives creating the best customer experience?

Has s/he succeeded to focus on the subject by the communication?

Does s/he change the environment in accordance with the communication style and technique and adapt to the participants?

Does s/he inspire participants?

  1. Innovation

Does s/he create and use new and innovative techniques in training design and practices?

Does s/he follow educational sector and be active in using innovative approaches?