Best Training Program


  • Explaining the purposes of the training program
  • Explaining how to be planned, implemented and observed afterwards of the training program
  • Explaining the evidences of the training program’s effect on customers, staff and performance
  • Explaining the investment return done for training practices
  • Explaining the achievements and future plans after training
  • Design of measurement criteria of training practice, control and measurement of these criterion
  • The linkage between education and corporate strategies that have been applied in order to set out clearly and strongly
  • Financial model and the effect of training practices (How did it create value and will it?
  • Organizations and individuals to give training should have experience in call center training

Evaluation will be made upon the following criteria:

  1. Planning and creating strategies

1,1       Planning

1,2       Creating strategies

  1. Implementation/Process/Measurement

2,1       Implementatio

2,2       Process

2,3       Measurement

  1. Training results/Cost

3,1       Training results

3,2       Cost

3,3        Other issues that firm wants to explain